Morning Fuzz is a rock quartet formed in 2009 in Long Island, NY by front man
vocal/guitarist Frank Fussa and childhood friend, bassist Christopher Johanidesz.
Like many successful acts, Morning Fuzz is the phoenix born from the musical ashes
of Frank and Chris’ previous band, Ultra High Frequency. After the release of a well-
received LP, an extensive U.S. tour and stint in Los Angeles, Frank and Chris decided
to return to New York and start a new project.  They concocted their own unique
mash-up of alternative rock, catchy lyrics and radio-friendly hooks, which became
the formula for their new band, Morning Fuzz.
Morning Fuzz started off strong, releasing two critically acclaimed EPs. They went
through several drummer changes and ended up with old friend and previous
drummer, Jesse Steffen. The band also acquired longtime friend, guitarist
extraordinaire, Michael Cullari, who rounded out the band’s direction toward a big,
dual-guitar sound.
In December of 2012, Morning Fuzz headed out to Seattle, WA to record their debut
full-length album at Laundry Room Studio with renowned producer, Barrett Jones
(Foo Fighters, Nirvana).  “Chasing Ghosts” was independently released in the
summer of 2013 followed by a record release show at the Studio room in the famous
Webster Hall in NYC.  Chasing Ghosts received such positive reviews that they were
invited to perform  on the Artie Lange Show on Directv and Sirius radio twice within
a 6 month period. Morning Fuzz continued to book their own tours throughout the
East coast and Midwest to promote their album for the next year.
At the end of 2014 with new inspiration and a fresh batch of songs, Fussa tracked
down the perfect producer for the job, perfectionist Lou Giordano (Goo Goo Dolls,
The Ataris).  They entered Water Music Studios in Hoboken, NJ in 2015.
The band pounded out 6 songs in 5 days and then moved into Giordano’s mixing
studio to finish the job.   Now with this new bunch of catchy, energetic songs,
Morning Fuzz is looking to get these rockers out to the ears of the world!